Joyride and HTM Launch Bike Share in The Hague, Expanding Public Transit Offering
15th May 2019

Joyride and Dutch transit agency, HTM, announce a partnership to launch dockless bike sharing in The Hague. HTM, one of Europe’s oldest public transit agencies, is partnering with Joyride, the leading micromobility platform, to expand their transit offerings and launch the official bike share system of The Hague.

Operations:Full Time Maintenance Staff vs Part Time Chargers
10th April 2019

In this article we’ll break down the costs associated with using in-house/full time staff versus using contract/part time employees to keep a fleet charged and operational.

Glossary of Fleet Share Terms — Bike + Scooter Share
27th Feb 2019

AXA — A SMARTLOCK manufacturer based out of the Netherlands that provides Electric Ring Locks (ERLs) for bikeshares.
BACKEND — The portion of a fleet share software utilized by the owners/managers of the fleet to manage user data, vehicle data, payments, etc.

“Ad” to Your Bike and Scooter Fleet: Additional Revenue Streams
23rd Jan 2019

If properly managed, scooter fleets are highly profitable ventures. However, an often-overlooked bonus to this business model is the ability to diversify revenue streams based on access to tens or hundreds of thousands of users.

Ensure You Are Insured: Scooter Share Insurance and City Requirements
3rd Jan 2019

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of starting a scooter share is the need for insurance. In this blog post I will detail the common requirements of American cities and the type/amount of insurance required to operate your fleet.

Making Bank: Scooter Share Profits and Margins
19th Dec 2018

Costs of running a scooter share, as well as generate a handy chart that shows gross and net revenue based on margins reported and my own estimates/analysis.

Joyride Launches Scooter Share, Expands Micromobility Platform
10th Dec 2018

Joyride, a world-leading micromobility platform, will officially launch its scooter share offering with operators in over a dozen global markets scheduled for early 2019. Joyride has already launched scooter share pilots with select partners in North America and Europe and plans to quickly expand its reach with more deployments.

Scooter Share Licenses: Get Your Permit On!
1st Dec 2018

Launching a scooter share fleet in a city may require a permit. In this blog post I will detail the various considerations related to these permits and potential costs associated.

Pre-launch Guide to Starting Your Scooter Share
15th Nov 2018

A lot of new operators can find it overwhelming and difficult to locate the information necessary when starting a scooter share. In this blog, we'll answer all of the main questions related to starting a scooter share and provide recommendations with respect to types of hardware to look into and launch considerations.

History of Mobility Share
1st Nov 2018

Electric kick-scooters have dominated the personal mobility space in North America over the last year. When it first officially launched in September 2017, Bird, one of the most prominent companies in the United States started in one neighbourhood (Santa Monica) with a fleet of a few hundred.

Hitting the Wall – Four Problems with Dockless Bikeshare, and How to Solve Them
1st Feb 2018

It’s not news that dockless bikes schemes have encountered a few problems, particularly in Europe and North America. In this article, we look more closely at the issues dockless bike schemes have faced, and how operators have tackled them.

How to Launch a Dockless Bike Scheme
5th Jan 2018

Our cities and towns are facing ever greater problems of pollution and congestion, and we all know more cycling is the answer. We talk about dockless bikes and how anyone with the right know-how can go from start-up to dockless bike operator.

Designing Streets for Parents Who Cycle
18th Dec 2017

In January Future Cities Catapult hosted Clare Rogers, founding member of Better Streets for Enfield during our lunchtime talk series. As a parent cyclist riding a tandem for the school run, she related the struggles and successes of implementing the TfL’s £30 million bid to turn three outer London boroughs into “Mini Hollands”.