How to Upsell Rideshare

10th June 2019

Convenience, utility, and accessibility will always act as the critical components for success for any fleet – both at the independent operator level and with multi-national players. Regardless,as the market evolves, it is important to begin considering ways to differentiate your fleet from others.

In this blog I will provide a detailed suggestion of how to leverage your software platform to create a unique experience to upsell your riders and incentivize them to return to your platform.


The creation of a monthly “Gold/Platinum” rider achievement that will enable your riders to gain access to special vehicles within your fleet.


There are three requirements to enable this strategy:

“Private fleets” refer to the ability of your fleet management software to limit the access of specific vehicles to users who either have special permission or a unique access code. Using this functionality, you could assign, for example, 10% of your fleet to the “Gold Riders Fleet”and prevent their use for those who have not yet unlocked the ability to ride them.

Hardware agnosticism refers to the ability of your platform to integrate multiple types/models of vehicles. The “Gold” vehicles may benefit from being a unique or more luxurious model in order to help differentiate them from the remainder of your fleet.

Ideally, you will also want to include some form of unique branding to further differentiate these vehicles from others. Changing their colour, including special decals, or otherwise making them more appealing is ideal.




Operators must think of new and inventive ways to incentivize riders to return to their fleet above their competitors. Creative solutions like the above are a good way to leverage the existing success of ride-share fleets, while simultaneously creating opportunities to upsell riders.


Create special vehicles (maybe of a different model than the rest of your fleet) that your users will only gain access to in the month if they have taken enough trips or spent enough money.